Keep your website fresh and modern without spending money on in-house developers.
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Remember MySpace from the 2000s? Remember AOL commercials from the 1990s? The internet moves fast, and a website that was cutting edge five years ago looks dated today. Most business owners we talk to admit that their websites are on the “outdated” end of the spectrum.

Website Fresh from Paradynamix helps you keep pace with the changing internet ecosystem. Our team of developers will take care of your site as you focus on growing your business.

  • Maintenance
    From plugin updates to data backups, the Paradynamix team makes sure your site is running on the safest, most advance software available.
  • Improvements
    We make recommendations for site improvements based on tangible site data. An analyst might notice that a new blog post is receiving increased traffic. Therefore, we might feature it on your homepage. Or we may suggest a recently released plugin that would boost site speed.

A Web Fresh package frees your team from the nuts and bolts of website maintenance while keeping your company at the forefront of digital innovation.

Use Cases

When is our WebFresh package right for you?

The following are some of the most common and strongest reasons to get started with WebFresh. If you find yourself sharing and of the following sentiments, it’s a sign that we can provide your business major value.


I have a website that needs regular maintenance, but I lack the time and resources to handle it.

Dedicated Support

I’d like an easy, go-to source to handle my web update needs.


I want to make web updates over time in a controlled manner.


I want to be confident that my website is working well and without issues.

Approach to Problem Solving


Before routine maintenance, we save a copy of your site just in case anything goes wrong. Before routine maintenance, we save a copy of your site just in case anything goes wrong.

Routine Maintenance & Updates

Updates for platform, theme, and plugins so that your site stays up to date and secure.


Quality Assurance

We double check after updates that the site is continuing to perform as expected.


Tested & Approved

All updates are tested on a remote copy of your website before they ever reach your live website.



No Worries

Go about your day confident that your website is in good hands.


Daily backups of your site act as insurance should anything go wrong unexpectedly that you don’t lose your website.

Up to date

Your site runs low risk of breakages and errors with routine updates and careful monitoring of compatibility.

Responsive Web Design

We only deliver websites that are built to handle screens of every size, be it phone, tablet, or desktop.

Core SEO

All websites going out our doors get core metadata set up on active pages.


Help protect yourself from spam messages and bots by implementing standard detection and blocking tools.

Google Analytics

We set up your data tracking and help you gain access to see the kind of traffic you draw.


Google Search Console

Make sure your site is ready to be found on search engines by requesting indexing of your new sitemap.

Professional Design

Our professional designers put together all of your mockup materials, meaning you only receive quality proposals and UI.

Consultation Meetings

The opportunity is open to you, at any time, to reach out to use to schedule a meeting to consult on your web questions.


At your request, we can provide reports on your traffic, seo, and other data.

Website Auditing

Review and report on your site status for best practices, security, ui/ux, accessibility, and more.