Working off hypotheticals is alright for a startup, but once your business is large enough, you want to be working off of real data to make and drive decisions. Data will always provide a valuable point of reference to inform and learn.

We’ll help you set up and manage your web analytics. Many of these tools include robust, lesser know features to customize how data is filtered and aggregated to provide more tangible insights on how traffic behaves. We work with you to deduce what data you need and create the custom reports that will provide valuable points of data for your review. Complimentary to this, our web development team will consult to help you determine your next steps.

Use Cases

When are analytics right for you?

The following are some of the most common and strongest reasons to examine analytics. If you find yourself sharing and of the following sentiments, it’s a sign you’re ready to begin making data driven decisions.


I want to improve the user experience of my website.


I want to understand how my current traffic interacts with my content.


I want to know how many people are seeing the pages I put out there and how long they spend on my site.

Educated Revisions

I want to make educated decisions in improving my SEO and website content flow.

Approach to Problem Solving

Site Stat Tracking

We set up and provide access to accounts for a variety of useful statistic tracking tools, both on site and off site.


Data is examined and a variety of reporting capabilities are made available. As requested, automated emails with reports can be set up.

Recommendations & Consultation

Our team is ready and available to give guidance on your best next steps based on real data collected from your web visitors.

Client Approval

We ensure you have access to your data and double check that all tools are set up and tracking properly.


Understanding Traffic

Get to know whose visiting your site, what pages they’re visiting, and where they came from.

Educated Decisions

Use insider knowledge of your traffic to drive changes of interface and content.

SEO Opportunities

See which searches your pages show up for and capitalize on popular queries.

Reliable Data

With multiple tools running, you can cross reference and verify the veracity of your numbers.


Use knowledge of how your site is getting found to target marketing efforts and campaigns.

Drive Sales

See what products and services have the most traction during different parts of the year and respond to your market accordingly.

No Jargon

We interpret the data for your and distill it into something more digestible.

Tangible Actions

Receive recommendations of easy to understand next steps that will improve website performance.