Upgrade your database

Break free from limited database software without missing a beat.

Upgrade your database

After launching in 1992, Microsoft Access revolutionized databases for individuals and small businesses. It simplified database building to an intuitive interface that could interact with other Microsoft Office products. Business owners didn’t need a professional computer coder to organize their data, which led to thousands of users adopting Microsoft Access to handle day-to-day data management.

But what happens when small businesses aren’t so small anymore? What happens when better database management systems hit the market?

The Problem with Microsoft Access

Inevitably, small businesses like yours outgrow their Microsoft Access databases. The software has limited storage space and caps the number of users. Since many Microsoft Access databases are built by non-technical users, the systems become bloated and inefficient as they scale. Users create workarounds to fix immediate problems, but they don’t address underlying oversights that remain in the original rule sets.

A growing business that relies on Microsoft Access is like a cruise ship evacuating its passengers into a liferaft… that keeps springing leaks. The raft was never meant to hold that many people and eventually it will sink.

Unfortunately, many companies are stuck with outdated Microsoft Access databases. If they want to rebuild their existing systems, the person who knows the backend left the company a decade ago. The company also fears a complete database switch; they can’t afford having employees relearn an entirely new system.

The Solution to Your Database Issues

Our Microsoft Access Conversion service streamlines your business database without changing the processes you’ve grown accustomed to. Our software solutions center around simple solutions for complex problems. Say goodbye to complex workarounds, unexplained errors, and excuses for why your database can’t handle certain kinds of information.

Once your new system is ready for use, your current data is migrated over, and after a quick training session, you’ll pick up immediately where you left off with Access. Contact a Paradynamix representative to learn more about Microsoft Access Conversion.

Use Cases

When is Microsoft Access Conversion right for you?

The following are some of the most common and strongest reasons to upgrade your Microsoft Access Database with us. If you find yourself sharing any of the following sentiments, we can help you upgrade to a new system that resolves issues and improves workflow.


I want to upgrade my system without losing my data.

Compatibility Issues

I’m running into compatibility issues using Access with newer machines.

Missing Features

Current market solutions don’t have the customizability I want.

Retain Process

I don’t want to change how my business runs, even if we move away from Access.

Approach to Problem Solving


Business Process Review

We take the time to understand your current business process, document it, and make suggestions on how to cut out extra steps.

Blueprinting a Plan

We build out a robust set of documents including a sitemap, database diagram, system diagram, user cases, and more to define the foundations before we begin building.



We build out a robust set of documents including a sitemap, database diagram, system diagram, user cases, and more to define the foundations before we begin building.


Client Approval

Our plan, BPR, and prototype all have to go through you first before they hit production, meaning you have stopping power every step of the planning process to make sure things fulfill your vision and needs.


Same Business Process

Retain as much or as little of your current methodology as you want.

Better Buy In

With a modern and improved experience, your employees will take to it more easily.


Clean up how to get from point A to point B and remove awkward extra steps.

Up Front Access

Simplify how to access your vital functions for an easier experience.

Cloud Storage

Access your data anywhere with a modern, cloud based storage system.


Use your system on site, at home, or in the office with your phone, tablet, or desktop.

Dedicated Support

Our team knows all the ins and outs of your new system and are able to prove full stack support.


Your modern system is built with growth in mind, meaning when you grow, it can grow with you.