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Use Cases

When is a web maintenance right for you?

The following are some of the most common and strongest reasons to get website maintenance through us. If you find yourself sharing and of the following sentiments, we may be the right fit for you.


My website has functional items, like a contact form or checkout. I need to check these regularly.

Up to date

I want to keep my website up to date and regularly updated to prevent breakages or poor visitor experiences.


My website has not been updated in a long time and I’m worried that making any changes at all may break it.

Short on time

I don’t have the time to perform updates or routine checks on my own.

Approach to Problem Solving


Detailed Review

We take the time to understand your current setup and key goals of your website so we know where to focus the most time and energy in keeping your website operating smoothly.

An Expert Eye

Our professionals are prepared to adapt to your unique situation and provide counsel based on your unique needs.

Mindful Updates

We take time to explore compatibility of currently available updates to ensure that your site maintains the versions it needs to remain secure while keeping functional.

Routine Testing

Our maintenance routine involves regularly checking that all functional items continue to perform to spec and alert you of obsolete tools or failing aspects of the site so that they can be replaced.


Core Updates

We handle all major updates automatically to ensure sites stay up to date, and test the minor updates before recommending them.

Automated Backups

We perform daily backups on your digital experience to give you peace of mind in case you run into any site issues.

Disaster Recovery

In the unlikely event your site is compromised, bounce back quickly with our expert recovery help.

Threat Detection & Blocking

Let us dynamically detect and block malicious behavior with our proprietary system, making sure your site doesn’t suffer embarrassing hacks


SSL Certificates

Paradynamix makes it easy to keep your transactions and visitors safe with SSL certificates for our clients.

Dev, Stage, & Prod Environments

Every Paradynamix hosted site comes with three environments to allow development or testing to occur without affecting the live site.

Site Deployment

Easily move data between your development environments and live site, simplifying the process of going live or pushing updated content.

Controlled Migration

Your move to our hosting is painless and easy. We’ll just need credentials and we can handle the rest from there.