Security Systems

Protect your property and assets with a 24/7 security system.

Secure your business

Does your company work with raw materials, sensitive equipment, or expensive assets? Are you keeping a careful eye on them and the people working with them? As a business owner, you understand the value of tracking your assets and keeping them safe. The knowledge and visibility on the processing, handling, and storage of your assets is invaluable knowledge not just for business management, but for dissuading theft or destruction of property.

Our security system services range from upgrading hardware, installation, configuration, and maintenance. We’re able to assess your facility an help you select hardware that suits your needs and budget that will cover all your most important bases.

With our help, gain access to visibility of your facilities from anywhere. Now, even when the boss is away, you’ll know the comings and goings of your business and be able to manage it remotely with confidence.

Use Cases

When is a security system right for you?

The following are some of the most common and strongest reasons to get a security system through us. If you find yourself sharing any of the following sentiments or situations, we can help act as your out-of-house IT department.


My current camera security suffers long downtime and outages.


My camera hardware is old and becoming harder to maintain.

New Installation

I’ve expanded or moved my business and need help installing our security.

Seeking Peace of Mind

I’m concerned about the storage and security of my company assets.

Approach to Problem Solving

Insurance for Your Insurance

We help you collect on common business insurance policies discount offers for well-monitored workplaces.

Reliable Support

We have onsite technicians who can assist with cabling, network issues, and usability.

Mobile Access

Monitor your assets from anywhere with modern smartphone apps.

Peace of Mind

We strategically place cameras to provide the best coverage and visibility.


Cut Down Costs

Most business insurance policies offer discounts when you facility is well monitored.

Accessible Anywhere

Take your security on the go with remote monitoring through your smartphone.



Video record of the day to day of your business can verify or disprove word of mouth or written accounts.

Improved Visibility

Enjoy visibility on your company, assets, and employee productivity.



Safeguard against burglary, theft, and property damage.


Advanced Hardware

Remain alert with low light and night vision capabilities.

Dedicated Support

Our team knows all the ins and outs of your new system and are able to prove full stack support.

Motion Sensing

Catch people in the active the motion activated recording.