Auditing & Maintenance

Keep track of your IT systems to make scaling and updating easy.

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How well do you really understand the systems and hardware that support your business?

Most CEOs and owners will say, “Not very well.” While your IT systems may be getting the job done today, you’ll run into issues if you ever need to update or replace them. As a business grows and employees change, you lose track of what was installed when, which electronic box does what, and which wire goes where. When something inevitably fails or stalls, you won’t be prepared to handle it.

With Paradynamix routinely auditing and maintaining your systems, you’ll obtain a documented history of which platforms you have running, where assets are located, how your network is connected. We also make sure your IT setup continues to run smoothly. With this kind of visibility, you can be proactive in ensuring your systems are updated when appropriate and scalable to match your needs without disrupting operations.

Use Cases

When is auditing & maintenance right for you?

The following are some of the most common and strongest reasons to get a auditing and maintenance through us. If you find yourself sharing any of the following sentiments or situations, we can help act as your out-of-house IT department.

Missing Records

We don’t have very good records of our systems. We also don’t have anyone on staff with a full understanding of these systems.

No Upkeep

My systems haven’t been updated since they were installed, and I’m worried about cybersecurity threats and performance issues.


When something goes down (a router, a database, or a printer connection), it takes us a while to locate the source and deal with the problem.

Personnel Change

Our previous technician who handled maintenance has moved on and we need someone to take over.

Approach to Problem Solving


Detailed Documentation

We start and end all IT audits with a detailed network map, covering the most important topology of your infrastructure.

An Expert Eye

Our professionals are prepared to adapt to your unique situation and provide counsel based on your unique needs.

Proactive Maintenance

We take time to explore the latest threats to common infrastructure and investigate known weaknesses before signs of problems.

Understand Your Systems

We make time to educate you about your setup while we document and support the tools that run your business.


Ease of Mind

Go about your day with confidence that your systems are in good hands.

New Growth Opportunities

Build a plan to modernize your infrastructure in a way that fits.



Gain a full understanding of the hardware and systems that run your business.


Establish security baselines to better identify when something is out of alignment.


Professional Recommendations

Our experts are proficient and educated in their field, able to provide multiple suitable solutions for a given issue.

Easier Comprehension

The network map we provide makes key information digestible and straightforward.


Thorough Examination

Uncover existing flaws or weaknesses that may afflict your systems.

Complete Documentation

Update and correct your records and maintain them moving forward with key information.