Convey your brand message through unique icons and graphics.

Get started with custom iconography

Using default icons can drag down the quality of your branding and make your business less appealing to customers.

Your company either looks like every other company or you can’t find graphics that relate to your niche services and products. At some point, you have to compromise quality if you move forward with default or royalty-free icons.

So at what point do you make the jump to get your own icons? You know what you want, so why not get exactly that? Our graphic design professionals can put together custom icon and asset packs to suit your specific needs or cover your specific industry.

Use Cases

When is a business collateral for you?

The following are some of the most common and strongest reasons to get custom icons with us. If you find yourself sharing any of the following sentiments or situations, we may be the right fit for you.


My industry is fairly specialized and I have difficulty finding graphics to use.


I can get most icons I want from popular providers, but there are just some things I want that I can’t find.


I want to give my company an extra leg up on presentation.

Looking for something new

The icons I can find are fine, but not quite what I really want.

Approach to Problem Solving



Our professionals brainstorm ideas based on your requests and put together sketches samples to collect your feedback before building the final icons.

Final Designs

Using industry standard design programs, we build out your final icons. Feedback cycles allow you to provide input and refine.


Files for You

We aim to make sure you walk away with everything you need. This means making sure you’ve got the file types you need to make use of your custom icons.


Professional Guidance

Our experts will consult and assist with the designing process to make sure your icons will best suit the purpose you intent them for.



Stand out with visuals that were made just for you.

Marketing Assets

Enjoy a full license to use these icons commercially for your business.

All Sizes

Clean graphics that are built to scale and look good at any size.


The custom icons can match an existing icon set you use or follow their own style, but the pack as a whole will remain a matching set.

Anything, Everything

Get as large or small of a set as you want for anything from your own version of standard icons to niche industry specific items.


With icons that speak directly to your market, create a more refined image of your company.

Customized for You

Provide as much or as little vision as you’d like and we’ll fill in the rest.

No Additional Costs

Professional design tools cost money to access. Luckily, we already have them at our fingertips.