With the ever expanding medium that is the internet, it can be difficult to navigate where to target your advertising and build awareness. Paradynamix has an intimate knowledge of not only the strengths or weaknesses of each online platform and how it pertains to your business, but also the working and trends of online advertising and its application.

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Google Adword Campaigns

Did you know Google AdWords is the current leader in online advertising? However, with its many customizations and choices, building a successful ad campaign is not easy. Text, display, video, and shopping ad choices create some difficult decisions. Do you start a call campaign, do you try to build brand awareness, do you remarket? Let us guide you through the process, and collaborate so that our internal graphic design team can ensure your ads demand the attention they deserve.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns

Facebook and Instagrams advertising platforms have boomed in recent years. They are thriving, kinetic communities that have unimaginable business opportunities if harnessed correctly. With their vast worldwide user bases, no online advertising campaign would be complete without considering the correct way to use these platforms. The difficulty is that social media is a constantly evolving and dynamic field that can be a chore to maintain if you’re busy running your business.

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